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Tired of hearing (or saying), "I'll do it tomorrow."? Then read this today!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

ADHD & Procrastination

1 in 5 People are classified as "chronic procrastinators."


This means procrastination is persistent and even debilitating for them.


Procrastination is one of those areas that can be extremely frustrating to a person with ADHD

(and to those who love them).

You know how to do the task, you want to get it done, and yet you seem to hit a wall every time. You may wonder, “What continually keeps me from starting?”

You may think, “My child is so bright, and yet she avoids doing anything - even activities she enjoys!”

Procrastination is usually attributed to one’s personality or situation.

  • You are disorganized

  • You are unmotivated

  • You have a fear of failing

  • You are lazy

If any of these apply to you or someone you know, improved Executive Functioning may be the answer.

Since procrastination is associated with the inability to plan, prioritize, organize, and focus on a single task, it seems that procrastination is less of a personality trait and

is truly a result of weak executive function.

But... PRO TIP! It’s not just about focus and time management!

Most cognitive skills are learned.

That means that thinking and learning skills can be improved with practice and the right training & support.

No more assignments left undone!

No more rooms with piles of unfinished projects!

We can provide you with a comprehensive course of EF Coaching combined with neurocognitive strengthening to improve your executive function & help you achieve success.

Schedule your 1:1 consultation to discuss a course that is right for you.

We offer 1:1 EF Coaching as well as Play Attention.

We are one of only 6 certified providers in the United States for this advanced cognitive training in the form of fun games where you control the screen with your thoughts only—no controller.

Wait. What?

Can I do this in the privacy of my own home! Yeah, you can!

As a Play Attention Certified Provider, we will develop a personalized program for you that integrates NASA-inspired technology with specific cognitive skill training customized just for you. We assess your needs and design your personal course to address those cognitive areas you need in order to start projects & assignments right away and stay on task until completion.

Reach out to us now and we’ll send you a free e-book about ADHD, procrastination, emotional regulation, and more!

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