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executive function coach

Our Mission

Our journey commenced with the profound realization that executive function skills surpass IQ in predicting future success. With years of dedicated work in educational settings alongside teachers and children who've deeply touched our lives, coupled with personal experiences, such as assisting an aging parent recovering from a stroke, we've discovered that many individuals fall short of their aspirations due to reasons unrelated to motivation or intelligence. Most people are not lacking in determination, intelligence, or commitment; instead, they are doing their best. Recognizing this, we have ignited an unwavering passion to raise awareness about the transformative potential of executive function skills and to enhance these skills in anyone aspiring to achieve their long-standing goals. 

Who We Are

Our team of coaches boasts a wealth of expertise, with a collective 60 years of professional experience in special education, general teaching, college-level instruction, training, school psychology, curriculum design, social work, and behavior intervention. In our collaborative efforts, we leverage unparalleled knowledge and insight to craft practical, age-appropriate, and personalized action plans tailored to your distinct needs, learning style, individual differences, and potential challenges. Many individuals have entrusted us to help them advance in their careers, restore harmony to their households, and empower their children to tackle daunting tasks independently. We are deeply grateful for their trust and eagerly anticipate embarking on this exhilarating journey with you as well!

executive function coach

Susan A. Crist, MS. Ed.

Director, The Center for Executive Function 

Laronta Upson Rush, PhD

CEO, The Center for Executive Function 

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executive function coach
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