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Diagnosis is the first step toward creating a world that suits your brain

Focus Assessment

What is the FOCUS Assessment?

Explore the FOCUS Assessment – a computerized measure of Attentional Control designed to evaluate and enhance focus. Attentional Control, crucial for staying focused amid distractions, is assessed through constructs like Consistency, Performance, Impulsivity, and Distractions (audio & visual).​

How does it work?

Taking only 20 minutes, this straightforward computer assessment is suitable for individuals aged 5 and above, accessible in the comfort of your home or our office. Receive a comprehensive 2-page results report within 48 hours.

Who should take the FOCUS?

Ideal for those concerned about focus but unsure about a full psychological evaluation's necessity, the FOCUS serves as a quick screening tool. Skip the lengthy scheduling process and gain insights promptly. Address your attentional concerns efficiently with this accessible and informative evaluation.

Educational and Psychological Evaluation

Undiagnosed learning or emotional disabilities may hinder your academic, professional, and personal growth, impacting executive function skills and hindering goal achievement. Our expert team of psychologists specializes in identifying barriers to success through comprehensive psychological evaluations, paving the way for effective Executive Function (EF) Coaching. Expedite your journey to personal improvement and goal attainment.


For additional information, explore Healthy Minds Psychology Associates at Uncover insights into your cognitive and emotional well-being, and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential. Trust in our dedicated team to guide you on the path to a more empowered and fulfilled self through tailored EF Coaching solutions.

Assessment brings Awareness, and with Awareness comes Calm
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