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Our Story

Our Mission

Our story began with the realization that executive function skills are more predictive of future success than IQ. Through our many years of work in schools with teachers, with children that have touched our lives in a special way, and through personal experiences, including an aging parent suffering from a stroke, we have learned that most people fall short of their goals for reasons other than a lack of drive or desire. Most people are not lazy, unsmart, or unserious but, in fact, are doing the best they can. In knowing this, we developed an unstoppable passion to build awareness of the power of executive function skills and to improve these skills in everyone that desires to reach those long-held goals. 

Our coaches are highly trained and have a combined 60 years of professional experience as special educators, general education teachers, college-level instructors, trainers, school psychologists, curriculum specialists, social workers, and behavior interventionists. In our work, we bring a level of knowledge and insight that is unmatched and use this knowledge to develop practical, developmentally appropriate, and customized action plans that take into consideration your unique needs, learning style, learning differences, and other potential vulnerabilities. So many have trusted us to help them level up in their careers, restore order to their homes, and improve their child's ability to independently start and complete the most dreaded task and we are grateful! We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you too!

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Susan A. Crist, MS. Ed.

Director, The Center for Executive Function 

Our Model


Our model conceptualizes behavioral change as a pattern of continual positive growth AND the intentional use of helpful habits as opposed to change that happens serendipitously or all at once. First, it takes a growth mindset and a great deal of self-awareness to know when it's time to initiate behavior changes. It often takes time to discern what is normal behavior from serious impediments to personal growth and success. I mean, everyone procrastinates a little bit, right? The answer can be found in your response to these very important questions... how often are your habits leading to feelings of personal failure and demoralization, disappointing your spouse, parent, or child, resulting in spending twice as much time doing things but making very little progress, or blocking access to promotions, financial growth, and success in business? If the answer is more often than not, it is time to FOCUS intently on your end goal and build durable habits to achieve them. We coach you through this process, step-by-step, by understanding your unique needs and then using both clinical assessments, psychoeducational webinars, and professional expertise to develop a plan of success just for you. 

We BELIEVE in you, and so should you! So many come to us feeling despondent, unsuccessful, and far from reaching their life-long goals. While prior experiences can plant seeds of doubt that things will ever change, we provide you with unconditional positive regard as you begin to think differently about your capabilities, identify and capitalize on your strengths, and eliminate or at least mitigate any barriers to future success. Expect to develop a new set of tools for focusing and finishing any task, remembering to remember, bringing order to your schedule and workspaces, and engaging in more useful and productive habits. With our support and your courage, you are unstoppable!


We take a collaborative approach to help clients in a variety of stages of 'existing' to proactively develop and systematically ACHIEVE goals that will yield meaningful differences in their productivity, self-concept, and relationships with others. Your hard work and our expertise in day-to-day habit-forming are the key components to achieving long-lasting change. We are honored to be a part of your journey to discovering the true gift of behavioral transformation. 

Meet Our Coaches

Meet Our Executive Function Coaches

Our passionate Coaches are the heartbeat of our practice. These talented women are experienced educators, therapists, and psychologists with the expertise and compassion to meet you where you are and to take you to new heights of achievement. Our collaboration within our practice means you have sound, professional support always using best practices. Call us if you’re ready to show up for your life.

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