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Student Coaching

Executive Function Coaching for your Student

Elevate your child's academic journey with The Center for Executive Function's tailored Executive Function Coaching. Our School Success Series provides invaluable strategies to enhance key skills crucial for academic achievement.

What You and Your Student Can Expect from Coaching

From helpful techniques for sustaining attention until completion to easing the transition to middle school, our coaching covers a spectrum of challenges. We address the importance of remembering to remember, offering practical solutions for elementary students and emotionally dysregulated teens alike. In the realm of literacy and numeracy, our coaching explores Executive Function skills involved in reading, written expression, and math problem-solving.

Our expert coaches guide students through strategies to improve planning and organization, empowering them with essential life skills. For those grappling with ADHD, EF, and learning disabilities, we offer insights into cutting-edge learning technology tools such as Play Attention. Navigate homework battles effectively with our coaching, providing guidance on when to assist and determining the appropriate level of support.

Every Student can Benefit from Executive Function Coaching
Give your Student the Gift of Executive Function Coaching

Coming Soon... School Success Workshop Series

Executive Function for School Success Series will include: 

  • Helpful Strategies for Sustaining Attention Until You Are Done

  • Transitioning to Middle School with Ease

  • Remembering to Remember

  • Strategies to Boost EF Skills in Elementary School

  • Strategies to Boost EF Skills in Emotionally Dysregulated Teens

  • EF Skills Involved in Reading, Written Expression, and Math Problem-Solving

  • Strategies to Improve Planning & Organization

  • Technology Tools for ADHD, EF, and Learning Disabilities

  • Homework Battles: When to Help, How Much to Help

Better Late than Never!

Invest in your child's academic success with The Center for Executive Function. Our coaching transforms challenges into opportunities, fostering a foundation for lifelong learning and achievement.

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