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School Trainings

Classrooms with Executive Function Embedded Serve Students Best

Executive Function and Your Classroom

Unlock the potential of your classroom with The Center for Executive Function's tailored School Trainings designed to empower teachers and enhance student success. As educators ourselves, we understand the multitude of tasks teachers face daily. Our team is dedicated to providing strategies and workshops that seamlessly integrate Executive Function (EF) into the classroom environment.

Our Workshops Work for You

Teachers, our everyday heroes, play a vital role in educating and differentiating instruction for every child under their care. Leveraging our experience as former and current educators, we offer EF training, support, and professional development. Our workshops cover practical ways to integrate EF strategies, ensuring a more organized and conducive learning space.

Explore our Teacher Workshops, including:

  • "The Organized Classroom," which focuses on seamlessly integrating EF strategies 

  • "Technology Tools and School Accommodations for the Disorganized Student."


We go beyond traditional professional development by bringing our FOCUS assessment and Play Attention iLab directly to you, allowing students to engage with customized EF programs at their own pace

Let Us Help!

Expand and support your classroom efforts by incorporating EF strategies. Call us to discover how The Center for Executive Function can enhance your teaching experience and contribute to the success of your students

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