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Parent & Adult Coaching

Every Family can Benefit from Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function and Your Parenting or Adulthood Journey

Transform your parenting or adulthood journey with The Center for Executive Function's specialized Executive Function Coaching for parents and adults. Our focus is on providing education and skill-building tailored for effective parenting  of children and teens diagnosed with ADHD, emotional dysregulation, and oppositional and defiant behaviors, alongside self-management coaching for adults living with these conditions.

Parenting a Child with Executive Function Needs is Both Challenging and Rewarding

Parenting a child or teen with intense emotions can be challenging, especially when these emotions arise unexpectedly and in response to seemingly small matters. Our coaching equips parents with the tools to navigate these challenges, offering strategies for maintaining control and responding effectively during difficult emotional and behavioral episodes.

If you've felt like you're 'walking on eggshells' due to your child's behavior, and traditional approaches like yelling, avoiding, giving in, and threatening have proven ineffective, let us help. We empower parents with the knowledge and skills needed to foster a positive environment, strengthening emotional health and overall development in their children.

What You Can Expect to Learn with Us

  • Executive Functioning and Parenting Strategies

  • Habits: Life-changing Power of Creating and Maintaining Habits

  • Managing Adult ADHD at Work and in Marriage

  • Adult ADHD: Help Manage Secondary Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, and Rejection Sensitivity​

  • Rethinking Procrastination: The Relationship Between Procrastination and Emotion Regulation

  • Supporting Adults with Intense Emotions and Rejection Sensitivity

  • The Organized Home: Bringing Order to Your Home and Your Life

  • Time Management Strategies That Work

Let Us Take a Load Off!

Your response to intense emotional reactions plays a crucial role in shaping you and your child's behavior and emotional well-being. Invest in effective parenting with The Center for Executive Function, where we guide you towards building a supportive and nurturing relationship with yourself and your child.

Give your Household the Gift of Executive Function Coaching
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