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Executive Function Skills

We use Executive Functions every day 
to learn, work, and manage daily life. Executive Functioning deficits make it hard to focus, organize, follow a routine, and handle stressful emotions. 


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What are Executive Function Skills?


Executive Function (EF) skills are a crucial set of mental processes that help individuals manage their behaviors and allocate resources to achieve future goals. These skills enable us to prioritize tasks, plan and organize, filter distractions, overcome procrastination, maintain focus, and self-monitor for work-related quality. Executive Functions primarily occur in the prefrontal cortex, the last area of the brain to mature, and they develop over time at different rates for different individuals.

The Impact of Executive Dysfunction 


While executive dysfunction is not a formal mental health diagnosis, it often results from underlying health conditions or neurodevelopmental disorders. Conditions associated with executive dysfunction include:

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Overcoming Executive Dysfunction 


Fortunately, executive function skills can be developed and improved over time through EF coaching. EF coaching offers practical tools and strategies to enhance time management, focus, organization, and emotional regulation. Our unique process for assessment, intervention, and goal development enables our experienced EF Coaches to understand your individual needs and recommend the most suitable program for you.

Incorporating these strategies into your daily life can help you manage behaviors, prioritize resources, and work towards achieving your goals more effectively.

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How can you maximize your team's performance and productivity?

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Is your child facing challenges in keeping up with school requirements?

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Struggling to balance work and home life with an ADHD diagnosis?

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 Are you dealing with chronic procrastination?

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