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Play Attention Q & A

  • How Old Do You Have To Be To Benefit From Play Attention?
    Ages 5 to 95! Cognitive benefits have been reported by senior citizens wishing to improve their cognitive skills. Children and adults with an IQ over 65 may benefit from Play Attention.
  • What is Play Attention?
    Play Attention is a patented, personalized computer-based, award-winning attention-training system that integrates NASA inspired technology and has been in use since the 1990’s. It measures brain activity using an arm band to control cognitive skill exercises that strengthen executive function. Play Attention provides visual and auditory feedback in a game-like environment designed to develop skills in working memory, finishing homework and other tasks on time, following multiple-step instructions, filtering out distractions, socials skills, processing speed, impulse control, mindfulness, and more.
  • Does Play Attention Really Work?
    Play Attention technology was originally used to train NASA astronauts. It has been in use since the 1990’s. Three randomized, controlled studies in Boston public schools conducted by Tufts University School of Medicine found that students who used Play Attention had greater improvements in attention, hyperactivity, and executive functioning than students who used cognitive training programs, commonly known as brain games.
  • Are You Ready To Press Play?
    Contact our Director and Executive Function Coach, Susan Crist, for more details:
  • Is Play Attention Neurofeedback?
    The nerdy answer is that Play Attention does not meet the clinical definition of neuro or bio feedback because neurofeedback is based on the theory that ADHD persons have abnormal brainwave patterns. Neurofeedback practitioners assert that normalizing these abnormal brainwave patterns can eliminate ADHD symptoms. Play Attention does not endeavor to change brainwave patterns. Changing brainwave patterns does not ensure that one can become more organized, have better short-term memory, ignore distractions, or even balance one’s check book in a typical amount of time. These are skills that must be learned and do not readily appear after neurofeedback training. Play Attention teaches these skills and insures transfer to the workplace, home, relationships, and classroom. Play Attention is an innovative combination of neurofeedback, (which teaches the brain to modify its electrical frequencies patterns), along with fun cognitive training games that promote an increase in our brains' everyday functional capacity.
  • Do These Skills Transfer To Real Life?
    Yes, transfer skills may include greater time on task, improved self-esteem, increased attention, better academic performance, improved social interactions, decreased impulsive behaviors, improved focus & concentration, and better reading comprehension. We also include the Academic Bridge program that monitors attention and provides feedback in real time while the participant is working on their own homework, work tasks, or general reading.
  • What Are The Details Of Doing Play Attention At Healthy Minds Psychology Associates?
    We have flexible plans to fit your lifestyle. You may either come to our office and use our Body Wave Armband and software without paying to purchase the armband. You would pay for the initial intake assessment, weekly sessions, and updates only. Or you may purchase the Body Wave Armband directly from Play Attention ($1,995.00) to use in the comfort and convenience of your own home. You would pay Healthy Minds for the initial EF intake assessment, customized weekly sessions, and regular updates. These may be combined with one-on-one sessions with our EF Coach.
  • How Often And How Long Do I Have To Use Play Attention?
    Data provided by Play Attention over the last ten years indicate that the minimum amount of time to use Play Attention to achieve the statistical average of lasting benefit is two 30-minute sessions per week for a total of approximately 40 hours. It is recommended that participants use Play Attention for an hour a week. This can vary with each person as some will require more training and some less. Our Healthy Minds Executive Functioning Coach will work with you to personalize your program and provide regular updates.
  • What Does The Research Say?
    Thanks for asking! Check this out!
  • How Is Play Attention Different From Regular Video Games?
    Children and adults can play video games for hours on end. This is because the graphics programmed into these games are designed to be over-stimulating and to draw the player in via fast-moving, high-resolution graphics, sound effects, and rewards. The way our executive functioning Coach describes it is that these programs grab the player’s attention. It’s easy pay attention to a three-ring circus—even if you are an adult or child with ADHD, right? The best teacher, homework, task, or chore can never compete with such stimulation. Play Attention allows the user to control its game-like cognitive exercises by attention alone—the brain is the only controller! The immediate feedback in real time provides reinforcement and cues that build neural pathways over the months that the games are played. Since these skills are continuously used in daily life going forward, the new neural pathways become permanent.
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