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Who We Help

Individual Coaching

We will create a one-on-one customized program to help you to become the best version of yourself! 


Executive Function Coaching helps people improve life quality by using strengths to overcome weak areas. It can be very helpful for anyone who is working below their potential in any area of life. While academic tutoring focuses on content, coaching builds skills for life in the areas of focusing better and longer, being organized, and meeting deadlines. In our coaching sessions we work one-on-one to develop customized tools and strategies to eliminate barriers to your success. All of our 50-minute weekly sessions provide customized instruction about executive functioning and its critical importance in supporting academic, social, and life skills.

Each session is completely personalized, provides practical, targeted support and materials in a collaborative manner and is designed to support ongoing needs in real time. The overall coaching duration is unique to each client--ranging from several months up to an entire year or more. We meet our clients in-person or via telehealth.

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Work with Children
Work with Adults
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Children & Teens

As a parent of a school age child or teen, you may feel helpless as you watch your child struggle to meet the demands of school. Does your child…

  • Have trouble getting started on tasks after being given directions?

  • Lack initiative and typically starts work at the last minute?

  • Need constant reminders to stay on task?

  • Rarely plan ahead for assignments and is overwhelmed or paralyzed by large tasks?

  • Test poorly even when knowing information and simply does not perform up to their very high potential?

  • Rush through work, produce work that is sloppy and poorly organized, and full of careless mistakes?

  • Misplace or lose things, leave messes that others must clean up, and forgets to hand in homework, even when it is done?


If any of these common concerns sound familiar, let us help! We create customized plans to end homework power struggles, stick with tasks until they are done, and teach and build habits around organization, managing time, and prioritizing what's important!


Juggling the demands of family, career, and self-care can be challenging. You are not alone. We have coached hundreds of CEOs, teachers, entrepreneurs, and parents through this very delicate balancing act. We know the issues, and we will cheer you on as we work together to reach your personal, financial, career, and relationship goals. Adults who participate in EF Coaching report that they:

• Focus longer and better

• Received salary increase or improved performance reviews

• Have a more organized home

• Show up more effectively in relationships

• Remember to remember those important details

• Meet long-held career goals

Older Adults


Age-related changes in health, employment status, and participation in social activities can lead to reductions in the amount of time older adults are engaged in stimulating cognitive activities, especially after retirement. Studies have found that increasing the time spent in cognitive activities results in significantly fewer declines in executive functions.  


There is much you can do to mitigate the effects of cognitive decline for yourself or your loved one. Through EF Coaching and/or Play Attention, we help you to take actionable steps to engage your brain in useful cognitive activity so that you can maintain your cognitive strengths for years to come. You still have so much to offer this world!

Work with Older Adults
Procrastination - A full To Do tray and an empty Done tray - Overwhelmed - Isolated on whi

Working Professionals

Do you want your employees to work smarter, not harder? As a CEO, are you struggling to focus during meetings, manage employees, and make time to review financials while also focusing on your career? Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? If you or your staff are feeling overwhelmed and overworked, we can help you work smarter, not harder. You can learn to use your time and resources effectively, delegate responsibilities as needed, and bring order to your work and home life. Do not underestimate how amazing it is to feel more accomplished and “caught up” on those unfinished tasks rather than demoralized and stressed at the end of the day. We can help to identify and improve any problems in planning, prioritizing, managing time, attending to details, sustaining attention to tasks, delegating, and improving overall workflow for you and your employees.

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Parent Coaching

We provide education and skill-building for the effective parenting of children and teens diagnosed with ADHD, emotional dysregulation, and/or oppositional and defiant behaviors. It can be challenging to parent a child or teen experiencing big and intense emotions, especially if these emotions come on rather quickly, without provocation, and in response to seemingly small matters. Even the relatively good days may involve some degree of conflict, limit testing, challenging authority, and power struggle. If you have been ‘walking on eggshells’ due to your child’s behavior and know that yelling, avoiding, giving in, and threatening have not worked thus far, let us help. We empower parents with the knowledge and skills they need to remain in control and to respond effectively during difficult emotional and behavioral episodes. As a parent, your response to intense emotional reactions can either strengthen negative behaviors or help to improve the child’s overall emotional health and development. 

Wondering if you would benefit from EF coaching?

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