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We offer training through schools, corporate entities, webinars & more

Classroom Lecture


We’re teachers, too, so we know the many things you are asked to do each day! Contact us about our strategies and workshops on practical ways to seamlessly integrate EF into the classroom. Teachers are our heroes. They educate our children well, differentiating instruction for every child in their care. As former and current educators—we provide EF training, support, and professional development. Besides providing professional development in your setting or ours, we will also bring our FOCUS assessment and Play Attention iLab to you! Your students can work on their customized EF program at their own pace. Call us to see how we can expand and support you and your students in the classroom.


Webinars & Workshops

The Center for EF at Healthy Minds offers webinars on many different topics related to all aspects of success for students, educators, CEOs/ entrepreneurs, and adults of all ages. Here are just a few of our past topics.

School Success Series

• Executive Function for School Success Series: 

   o Helpful Strategies for Sustaining Attention Until You Are Done
   o Transitioning to Middle School with Ease
   o Remembering to Remember
   o Strategies to Boost EF Skills in Elementary School
   o Strategies to Boost EF Skills in Emotionally Dysregulated Teens
   o EF Skills Involved in Reading, Written Expression, and Math 

   o Strategies to Improve Planning & Organization
   o Technology Tools for ADHD, EF, and Learning Disabilities
   o Homework Battles: When to Help, How Much to Help


• Executive Functioning and Parenting Strategies

• Habits: Life-changing Power of Creating and Maintaining Habits
• Managing Adult ADHD at Work and in Marriage

• Adult ADHD: Help Manage Secondary Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, and Rejection Sensitivity​

• Rethinking Procrastination: The Relationship Between Procrastination and Emotion Regulation

• Supporting Adults with Intense Emotions and Rejection Sensitivity

• The Organized Home: Bringing Order to Your Home and Your Life

• Time Management Strategies That Work

Workshop photo_JPG.webp

• Leveling up in Business: The Power of Intention in Effective Leadership
• Productivity Hacks: Getting the Most out of Your Team

• The Eight Most Important EF Skills All Leaders Must Possess

• Maintaining Productivity in Your Hybrid Workforce

Teacher Workshops

• The Organized Classroom: Seamlessly Integrate EF strategies into the classroom 

• Technology Tools and School Accommodations for the Disorganized Student 


Neurotechnology that Improves Executive Function 

Play Attention uses NASA-inspired technology that has been helping children and adults improve executive function and self-regulation for almost 30 years. The Body Wave Armband is the first device of its kind to measure brainwaves through the skin— not wearing a bulky helmet with electrodes. We use video games (aka cognitive exercises) to help you increase your concentration and self-regulation and decrease distractibility. All you do is lightly strap on the Body Wave Armband monitor and play games with the power of your mind—no controller! This advanced neurotechnology is based on neuroplasticity and backed by research conducted by Tufts University School of Medicine. The key to this unique patented technology is that it provides immediate and continuous feedback to help you create new neural pathways. A peer-reviewed article published by Tufts University in 2013 states, “Parents of children who received neurofeedback (NF) training reported significant improvements in attention and executive functioning, showing that this intervention holds promise as a treatment intervention for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”



The Center for Executive Function at Healthy Minds is the first Certified Provider of Play Attention in the state of Georgia, and one of only six Certified Providers in the U.S. 

Call us to learn more about how you can Play Attention! 

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