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Focus Assessment

Focus Assessment

What is the FOCUS Assessment?

The FOCUS is a computerized measurement of Attentional Control. Attentional Control is the ability to remain focused on goal-relevant stimuli and information in the presence of potentially interfering distractions.

How does it work?

The FOCUS measures several aspects (called constructs) that influence Attentional Control. These constructs are Consistency, Performance, Impulsivity, and Distractions (audio & visual). This very simple computer assessment can be taken by anyone who is at least 5 years old and in the comfort of their own home or in our office. The assessment takes only about 20 minutes and provides you with a 2-page results report within 48 hours.


Who should take the FOCUS?

The FOCUS is recommended for individuals who are concerned about their ability to focus but are not sure if they need a complete psychological evaluation, which can take months to schedule. The FOCUS can be scheduled quickly and used as a screening to determine if a full psychological evaluation is indicated. Contact us to schedule yours today!

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Psychological Assessment

Educational and Psychological Evaluation

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Undiagnosed learning or emotional disabilities can significantly impact your school, work, and life functioning and undermine executive function skills and ultimately your progress toward meeting your goals. We are part of an amazing team of psychologists who can help identify any barriers to your success in EF Coaching through a comprehensive psychological evaluation and expedite the pathway to a better you! For more information please visit Healthy Minds Psychology Associates at

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